Quienes Somos

Company Santafesina dedicated to the manufacture and sale of Awnings, Enclosures and Roller Curtains. We also rent structural tents.

Nuestra Historia

 It was the year l985 when the young Collins began to incur an idea that I have brought reflected after living a few years in Europe. Awnings, enclosure, glazed ceilings, etc. were what motivated this initiative. In addition to improving customer service that by then did not exist or was very precarious.

It was then, there at the beginning of the 90s, and with the unconditional support of his family group, the venture began to become a reality and was taking the form of service company of awnings and enclosures, but this time with Mediterranean air.


New forms of design, materials, constructive systems, and free service of maintenance and washing, were props to please the different and demanding needs of our innumerable clientele.


Today the services offered by this firm far exceeds what started, automatic awnings, curtains, roofs covers swimming pools, tents for events, etc and everything related to decoration and construction.


And they make this company to be proud that translates into the many awards received, national and Latin, but above all the affectionate recognition of the people, which drives us to continue betting on to that society that deserves more than our investment, the need for believe that together we can bet, build and overcome the eternal ghost of the reality reality that haunts us, but that can never break our struggle to work, but build with dignity to present and a better future.